• Champagne Girl

  • ​Stilt Walker

  • Contortion

  • Table Girl

  • Dancer

Corporate events have the irritating reputation of being stiff, boring affairs where everyone stands around, laughing hollowly, while holding tiny glasses of champagne. Why not spice up your next event with one of our entertainers? Our models will shed the glamour for a bit of pixieish mischief. Whether on stilts, in the garb of a walking drink dispenser, or as part of a serving table, they’ll deliver service with gleaming smiles and a twinkle in their eyes.

Should you want to customize the costumes you would like our models to wear for your themed event, we can handle that too. Our in-house tailor loves a challenge. So, for a “magical evening,” our model can be Hermione Granger. If you prefer a different twist, give our model a Harley Quinn costume and lend a darkly humorous touch to the night.


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