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The key to holding a successful event begins with hiring highly professional wait staff. Because of our understanding of the importance to our clients of the image our staff present, we are highly selective when we choose our cater waiters. We make certain that every staff member you hire is experienced, professional, and courteous to ensure that every event will be successful. Members of our wait staff team dress in the black-tie party uniforms that conform to our company’s style guidelines. We are prepared to cater to your needs for your black-tie events, including weddings and corporate events. To meet your preferences, we have other uniform styles available. To view our staff attire choices, visit our staff attire section.

We Provide Following Catering Professionals

We Offer

Professional food servers working at weddings event in NYC


Our servers are our core staff members. Each server is an ideal choice for serving buffets or seated dinners, drinks, and canapés. Our servers will help to set up the venue for your event, including chairs, tables, linens, and dinnerware. Our servers work to meet your specifications and will assist with breaking everything down once the event is over.

Bussers assisting servers in cleaning tables.


Our bussers help to ensure that the venue remains clean by clearing tables and taking used dinnerware to the kitchen. They assist our servers with transporting food to the tables, restocking utensils and napkins, and attending to other needs in the dining area.

Hostess serving cocktails at an event.


Our hostesses are upbeat and friendly, and they will provide your guests with a warm welcome as they arrive. They make certain that all of your guests will feel taken care of and comfortable. They usher guests to their tables and answer questions about the venue. Hiring hostess is recommended for events with 100 or more guests.

Meat carver carves roast beef for guests.


The meat carver is stationed at the grill line. It's this person's job to carve the roasts, whole fowl, and other meats for the patrons.

Coatcheck staff helping guests with their coats.

Coat Checks

Our coat checks explain the coat check process to each guest and help them with it. They are responsible for collecting, storing, and returning coats and other items that are left with them by your guests.

Staff captain manages wedding event.

Staff Captains

To ensure that all of our wait staff provide the highest-quality serve, our staff captains provide them with clear and consistent instructions to coordinate the service and to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. The captain oversees the proper setup of the venue and ensure that dishes flow from the kitchen to the dining area smoothly. They prepare the station assignments and make certain that the dining area remains organized and clean.

Barbacks assisting bartenders and restock the bar.


The barbacks restock napkins, glasses, straw, mixers, beverages, and bottles of liquor to keep the bar functioning properly. They clean spills, refill ice, remove the trash, and make certain the bar stations are always fully stocked. Barbacks help to ensure the smooth operation of a bar and are essential for events that have 75 or more guests. They play an important role since the bartenders cannot leave their bar stations unattended.

Buffet attendants working at buffet station.

Buffet Attendants

The buffet attendants maintain the cleanliness of the buffet area. They restock plates, utensils, and napkins. They also make certain that the food comes out quickly and that the chafing dishes are full during the serving time.

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