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Yes, we’re covered for both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Two weeks is the minimum. Ideally, you should book six weeks in advance. Even then, during our busy times, you might lose out. In short, you should book as early as possible. However, small events with few staffers we can staff on short notice.

That’s hard to say. We’d have to talk to you to be sure. Call us to discuss your event, and we’ll make a recommendation on how many staff you need for your event to go smoothly. As a quick reference, please refer to our Staffing Guides.

You should have them get there about an hour beforehand, particularly if they are to help set up. If you order staff for meal preparation and service, they should be there two or three hours early. You should also allow an hour for breakdown.

No, we only do staffing for residential and corporate events. We know reputable caterers in the area, and we can point you in their direction.

The staff will assist with complete setup of tables and chairs. They will wait tables, tend bar, work the front of the house, and even plan your wedding. Even if you have food and drinks brought in from elsewhere, our staff will ensure your special event goes off smoothly. Relax and enjoy. Our staff has it under control. Everyone who works for us has at least a year’s experience in the industry, so you can trust our attention to detail.

Bartenders prepare simple cocktails from beer, wine, and spirits you have on hand, so they will only bring corkscrews. Mixologists create their own cocktails and work with exotic drinks devised by other mixologists. They’ll show up with a full kit of shakers, scoops, corkscrews, mixing spoons, and speed pourers.

N.B. We don’t provide any beverages. We also don’t provide ice or garnishes, including fruit. We can only tell you what’s needed to stock a bar, and we do have a complete list of items at Bar Supplies section of our website.

For small events, we send a Head Waiter. For larger events, we’ll send an Event Captain. All of these professionals can run your event from start to finish while you relax with a special cocktail from one of our mixologists. All you have to do is give us a timeline, and we’ll do the rest.

An Event Captain is like the butler in a Victorian home. The captain is a highly experienced professional with years as a leader and problem-solving specialist. They’ve got the skills upon which you can depend. Bear in mind that for large-scale events, it’s essential for all staff members to receive consistent coordination throughout the event

Our prices do not include tips. In the industry, a 20-25% gratuity is standard if the service is satisfactory. If the service exceeds your expectations, tip as you see fit. You have the option of giving the staff cash directly or adding to your bill.

Our elite team is comprised of the most experienced people in the company. They are capable of working alone without supervision. They will pamper your VIPs, see to your persnickety guests’ needs, and do it all with both aplomb and superior professional courtesy. The elite staff costs more, but their expertise and performance justify the expense.

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